Breakfast in Bangkok part 2

If you can bring yourself to get up at 6am then breakfast is must here in Bangkok. It’s a completely different world between 5:30am and 9am. The breakfast seen is huge here, jam packed with so much food and variety that will blow you away. I found myself continuously returning to Soi 20 in Silom. […]

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Chatuchak Weekend Market

The Chatuchak weekend market is the largest market it Thailand. It has over 15,000 stalls across 27 sections selling everything and anything. I only spent a couple of hours there, but could have spent a whole day quite easily with plenty to see and do. The moment I arrived i was super excited to see […]

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Terminal 21, Bangkok

In a nut shell Terminal 21 is a massive 9 story shopping centre that houses a whole array of different countries and cultures represented throughout each floor. They are laid out in terminals just like an airport. I went there purely to experience the food, especially the Japanese stuff where you will find anything from […]

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Breakfast in Bangkok

Breakfast was something I just stumbled into here in Bangkok. After a few beers and a night out with friends, I was catching the train back to Silom in the early hours of the morning, still a bit tipsy to be honest. I was so excited to see the street food vendors setting up as […]

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